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Book 1, An Ellie Oxrider Mystery

Wannabe witch, Ellie Oxrider, is having the worst week of her life.

It begins with a warning that Ellie is in imminent danger. Okay her aunt’s predictions aren’t always accurate, but when Ellie is stalked by a faceless shadowy figure, she’s forced to take the warning seriously.

Already on her guard, she’s suspicious about the new guy in town. Saxon Darkwood claims to be an accountant, but he seems to know an awful lot about magic. Could he be the faceless stalker? Or is he just an innocent bystander?

Ellie is determined to discover the truth and not even the darkest magic will stop her.

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Night of the Dark Horse

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Night of the Dark Horse

Book 4, An Allegra Fairweather Mystery

Just another typical week in the life of a paranormal investigator. 

I had barely arrived in Ireland to investigate a pooka terrorizing the villagers of Dingaleen when I got called to ride the fairy horse myself. When a pooka calls, you answer—and hold on for dear life. Unfortunately, the beast tossed me into a bog. Fortunately, my gorgeous guardian angel fished me out. Just barely.

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