Interview with Maddie Goodcharm

Janni Nell: Welcome, Maddie. Can you tell everyone what your life was like growing up?
Maddie Goodcharm: I lived out of town on a few acres with my extended family. Mom, Dad and I lived in one house. Grammy and Grandad, Mom’s parents, lived in the other. I wasn’t bothered that I was an only child. There were cousins who visited often and I spent a lot of time helping Grammy care for her animals.

JN: You run a shop of spells in the small town of Silver Moon Falls. Describe your shop.
MG: It’s in Main Street, between the Silver Moon Bakery and Kylie-Ann’s hairdressing salon. We sell all kinds of spells, which I make in the workroom at my house.

JN: Tell us about some of the spells.
MG: Green Thumb spells are better than the best fertilizer. A Happy Household spell will create a lovely soothing atmosphere for your home. And my Bubble Bath spell is like having the best massage of your entire life.

JN: Do you have a motto or code you live by?
MG: I don’t exactly have a motto, but the code I live by is to help people. If I can make someone feel better with one of my spells it’s a good day.

JN: What is your major skill or talent?
MG: Since I’m a witch by trade, it would be creating new spells.

JN: What is your favorite food?
MG: Cinnamon buns from the Silver Moon Bakery, which, as I mentioned earlier, is conveniently located right next door to my own shop.

JN: Who do you love?
MG: My family. Well, except for my cousin, Denzel, who dabbles on the darker side of witchcraft.

JN: What’s the best thing you’ve ever done?
MG: Hiring my assistant, Autumn. She arrived in town with nothing but a backpack and the desire to change her life. I gave her a job and a place to live. We had a few problems in the beginning, but now it’s working out fine.

JN: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?
MG: I accidentally harmed someone with a spell. It was carelessness on my part, and the person may never be the same again.

JN: Who inspires you?
MG: My family.

JN: Other than your family, who inspires you?
MG: Aberdeen Zabala, who is one of the greatest living witches. I almost won a mentorship with her a few years ago—almost being the operative word. I’d still love to study with her, but I don’t see it happening any time soon.

JN: You run Maddie’s Little Shop of Spells. If you had to pick another career, what would it be?
MG: That’s a tough question. I love my job. But, I guess, if I had to change, maybe I’d become an investigator. I’ve had some success bringing murderers to justice. Although, honestly, I hope we don’t have any more murders in Silver Moon Falls. We’ve already had enough to last a lifetime.

JN: Your uncle, Leo Bluestone, is the local sheriff. How does he feel about you solving murders?
MG: He doesn’t like it when I put myself in danger. Basically, he thinks I should stick to making spells for my shop. On the other hand, he fights crime, so locking up a murderer, even with my help, is a win for him.

JN: What are your future plans?
MG: All I can tell you right now is that they involve Jason.

JN: Thanks for letting us take a peek into your life.
MG: My pleasure. If you’re ever in Silver Moon Falls drop by. We’re a friendly town with awesome hiking trails and the prettiest waterfall in the state.

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