Meet Janni

Janni Nell has travelled extensively, living and working in London, before settling in Sydney, Australia. She has worked as a personal assistant, receptionist, sales clerk, and even cleaned a very spooky old building.

One of her favorite things is growing and cooking her own vegetables. When she isn’t writing, you can find her on the yoga mat, line dancing, or walking the dog.

Q&A with Janni Nell

Are you inspired most by places, people or experiences and how do these work their way into your writing?

All of the above. In The Bride, The Groom and Me, Sassy’s relationship with her best friend, Amber, is based on my relationship with my best friend. Although I was never in danger of ruining my best friend’s wedding. No, really, I wasn’t.

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How do you come up with your characters’ names?

In the Allegra Fairweather series, Allegra was simply a name I liked so that came easily. Finding a surname to go with Allegra was much more difficult. I tried countless surnames before I came up with Fairweather.

In the Sassy Chance series, the name Sassy suited the character so well, but once again I struggled to find a surname that matched the character’s personality and conveyed a sense of quirkiness. After much trial and error I came up with Chance. I’m happy to say that Sassy’s hero was much easier. Devlin Fox arrived fully formed along with his name. He simply wouldn’t answer to anything else.

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What is your favourite holiday?

Anywhere warm with good restaurants and a day spa.

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How many times were you turned down before you finally got published?

1,969,732 times. Okay, I’m kidding, it wasn’t that many, but it was a lot and I haven’t kept an exact count. I’ll always be grateful to editor, Liz Bass, for picking Allegra Fairweather: Paranormal Investigator out of the slush and recommending it for acquisition by Carina Press.

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What is your favourite book of all time that you can reread a hundred times, and it still feels like the first time?

Well, nothing ever feels quite like the first time, but Susan Howatch’s Starbridge and St Benet’s series have a special place on my book shelf. I reread them often and I’m always in awe of the depth of her characterizations.

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What do you need to set the mood for you to write?

I used to write to music, but now I find that distracting…so these days it’s silence, a cup of good coffee and knowing I won’t be disturbed.

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If there is one genre that you have not written in yet, but would love to try writing a book in that specific genre, what would it be?

I’d love to do a gothic. I’ve tried but my humorous voice keeps intruding. Maybe a humorous gothic?

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If you could bring one of your characters to life, who would it be? And why?

Casper, the guardian angel in the Allegra Fairweather series. He’s gorgeous to look at and, honestly, who doesn’t need a guardian angel?

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