Broomsticks, Buns & Murder

Broomsticks, Buns & Murder

Book 6: Little Shop of Spells

“Would you like to judge a baking contest?”

It’s a dream come true for small-town witch, Maddie Goodcharm. At least it is until the organizer dies in unusual circumstances. Was it an accident? Law enforcement thinks so, but Maddie’s not so sure. She begins to investigate and soon she’s up to her buns in suspects.

Meanwhile, her favorite bakery is closed and she’s mourning the demise of the best cinnamon buns in the universe. It’s hard to solve a murder when you’re craving sweet treats, but Maddie refuses to give up.

She seems close to identifying the killer, when a stranger comes to town and everything Maddie thought she knew changes. Can she solve the case before there’s another murder? More importantly, how will she survive without her favorite buns?