Destiny, Desire & Murder

Destiny, Desire & Murder

Book 4: Little Shop of Spells

Visit the Silver Moon Festival—a weekend of celebration and magic, where wishes really do come true.

Small-town witch, Maddie Goodcharm, has some wishes of her own, not that she expects them to come true, especially not the one about finding her soul mate. But the thing she definitely didn’t wish for is another murder.

When the body of a young woman is found floating in a woodland pool, Maddie is asked to investigate. At first it looks like a case of accidental drowning, but some things don’t add up. Why did the city-loving woman suddenly move to a small town? What was she doing in the woods in the middle of the night?

While Maddie sifts through the clues, her houseguest, Jason, is planning to move out. She’d hoped their relationship would go to the next level, but it’s stalled. Okay, it’s probably over, she’s just having a hard time accepting it. Still, this is the weekend when wishes come true. Who knows what will happen?