Little Shop of Spells #4

Destiny, Desire & Murder is going through the editing process. First edits done and copy edits booked for early 2020. I think this book is my favorite in the series so far. I've been wanting to write a subplot involving Maddie's friend, Skylar, and I've finally done it. I hope everyone enjoys reading Skylar's story as much as I enjoyed…

Little Shop of Spells #4 is coming in 2020.   

A New Title

After much trial and error, Little Shop of Spells 4 has a title. Destiny, Desire & Murder. No release date yet, but a cover will be coming soon.

I love discovering new words.

This week I was doing research for Little Shop of Spells 4, when I learned a new word. Potamophobia--a fear of running water such as rivers, streams, waterfalls etc. Unsurprisingly, it comes from the Greek word potamo, meaning river, and phobia, fear. So I'm working this into the plot. Now I have to figure out which of the townsfolk suffers…

Book 4

Happy to have 10,000 words written for Little Shop of Spells 4. It's been a slow start, but now things are moving faster. Fingers crossed the pace continues, and I come up with a title soon.


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