Work in Progress


What’s worse than losing your marriage, your job and your house? Moving in with your brother.

In desperate need of somewhere to live, Briony leaves the city for her brother’s house in the seaside town of Kangaroo Cove. But it’s not all lazy days on the beach and lunches at the local pub. Less than forty-eight hours after arriving, she finds a dead body. The police believe it’s an accident, but Briony can think of several people who have a motive for murder. There’s the cousin who benefits from the deceased’s will, the would-be lover who was rejected and the deceased’s best friend.

Then there’s Sam. He’s not a suspect—it’s just that Briony can’t stop thinking about him. Too bad she’s not ready for a relationship so soon after her marriage breakup. Anyway, she’s got her hands full with the investigation now that a second body’s been found.

Determined to solve the mystery—and get back to her lazy days on the beach—Briony sets a trap to catch the killer. Will she succeed or will she get caught in her own trap?